A one-page fanzine, with a poster on the back.

On this schema, you get an 8 pages book which, once unfolded, gives a poster on the back (see some photos).

This command only perform imposition of the front of your fanzine. It is your job to print the poster on the back.


source, destination.


class pdfimpose.schema.onepagezine.OnePageZineImpositor(last: int = 0, omargin: ~pdfimpose.schema.Margins | str | ~numbers.Real | ~decimal.Decimal = <factory>, mark: list[str] = <factory>, bind: str = 'left')[source]

Perform imposition of source files, with the ‘one-page-zine’ schema.

See http://experimentwithnature.com/03-found/experiment-with-paper-how-to-make-a-one-page-zine/.


pdfimpose.schema.onepagezine.impose(files, output, *, omargin=0, last=0, mark=None, bind='left')[source]

Perform imposition of source files into an output file, to be printed as a “one page zine”.

  • files (list[str]) – List of source files. If empty, reads from standard input.

  • output (str) – List of output file.

  • omargin (number.Real|Margins|decimal.Decimal|str) – Output margin, as: a number number.Real or decimal.Decimal, a Margins object, or a str, that is to be parsed by papersize.parse_length().

  • last (int) – Number of last pages (of the source files) to keep at the end of the output document. If blank pages were to be added to the source files, they would be added before those last pages.

  • mark (list[str]) – List of marks to add. Only crop marks are supported (mark=[‘crop’]); everything else is silently ignored.

  • bind (str) – Binding edge. Can be one of left, right, top, bottom.

See http://experimentwithnature.com/03-found/experiment-with-paper-how-to-make-a-one-page-zine/.